HOPE Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program 2

Welcome to our HOPE Summer Public Interest Fellowship Campaign!

Our Project:

The time is now to ensure access to justice for those in hurricane-ravaged communities!


This year, The HOPE Public Interest Resource Center is seeking to expand the Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program to create targeted placements for law students to advocate on behalf of those in regions most deeply affected by the hurricanes.


HOPE (Helping Others through Pro Bono Efforts), founded in 1998, is dedicated to engaging students, practitioners, and alumni in social justice advocacy. HOPE facilitates advocacy initiatives in underserved communities and strives to help fill the ever-widening access to justice gap while providing essential practical training to the next generation of social justice attorneys.


Each year, HOPE’s Summer Public Interest Fellowship Program grants stipends and provides training and support to dedicated law students who spend a summer serving marginalized populations locally, nationally and internationally. This highly competitive program places students in a public interest agency on a full-time basis for the summer. The partnership and advocacy continues through programming and outreach throughout the school year. For more information about click here.

The HOPE Summer Public Interest Fellowship Campaign has now begun! Please support UM Law students!

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