Black Alumni Scholarship Fund Campaign

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Welcome to our Black Alumni Scholarship Campaign!

Our Project:

Since 1996 the Black Alumni Society has awarded dozens of deserving students at the University of Miami with necessary financial assistance through the Black Alumni Scholarship Fund. These scholarship recipients have benefited from the fund, earned their degrees, and as a result have been transformed by a UM education. Our students scholars have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, engineers, educators, and more impacting countless lives through their work and service.

Why Contribute:

Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of Black History Month on February 28th, 2018. Some students are forced to drop out of college, often in their junior or senior year, because they are unable to pay tuition and fees. Each donation to the Black Alumni Scholarship Fund makes a profound impact and changes lives forever not just the lives of our students but the individuals and communities that they impact after graduation. Please make an impact on our community with a gift today.

The Black Alumni Scholarship Fund Campaign has now begun!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors!

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Recent Donors
Faye Ashby
David Stephen Hope
Mr. Troy L. Maxey
Mrs. Nora Elizabeth Matelis
Dr. Celeste Constantine , Ph.D.