Business Internships Campaign

Welcome to our Business Internships Campaign!

Our Project:

The University of Miami School of Business continues to be recognized for its innovative programing, renown faculty, and student success.

The Bermont/Carlin Scholars, featured above, represent a select group of students interested in careers in the investment industry. A highlight of their program includes an annual trip to NYC to meet with multiple Wall Street firms and UM alumni. The next step in their journey, like other students, consists of securing internships and ultimately employment.

Why Contribute:

The Bermont/Carlin Scholars are just one dynamic representation of students from the School of Business forging the way as the next global business leaders. The School is producing numerous trailblazers throughout all sectors of the marketplace.

Help our students advance in their careers by creating more internship opportunities. As relationships between the School, Wall Street, and the business community continue to flourish, so too do the opportunities for all alumni from the School of Business.

This campaign has a goal of $10,000 and every gift donated will be directed toward the School of Business Undergraduate Internship Program to enhance the professional development of business students.

Help support your alma mater and current UM students. Donate to #CaneFunder today!            .

The School of Business Intership Campaign has now begun! Please support current School of Business students!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors!

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