UMTV Campaign

Welcome to Our UMTV Campaign!

Our Project:

UMTV, the student-run broadcast station of UM, is one of the programs that is most enticing for students to enroll in the School of Communication. As a media outlet, it is the most highly visible program within Miami-Dade County, as it is broadcast not only on campus, but also locally in Coral Gables via Comcast. The studios, control rooms and editing suites are all equipped with modern technology, so students are prepared to use whatever machinery and software they will use with their future employers.

Why Contribute:

The UMTV fund supports the general operations for UMTV, including – but not limited to – technology upgrades; fees for media packages to be entered into local, regional and national competitions; and travel to conferences and award ceremonies. Because technology is changing at an unprecedented rate, upgrades are constantly necessary to ensure that our students are learning with the technology they will be using in their jobs upon graduation. Funds that support entry fees for competitions help our students get their work seen by industry professionals, further increasing their chances of connecting with the right individuals to help their careers. Entering media packages into competitions and travelling to conferences and award ceremonies also increases UM’s reputation in the broadcast industry, bringing prestige to our broadcast and other communication programs.

UMTV Canefunder Campaign has begun! We appreciate your support of our School of Communication students!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors!

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