Edgar H. Nugent Jr Endowed Scholarship Supporting Mentorship

Welcome to our Edgar H. Nugent, Jr. Endowed Scholarship Endowment In Support Of Mentorship Campaign!

Our Project:

It is an all too familiar story. Talented, hard-working business students struggle to complete their education because of financial challenges. The School of Business cannot yet provide full assistance to all who apply.

The School’s Mentor Program, which has been pairing exceptional business students with professionals in their selected industry for the last 27 years, seeks to do its part with its own scholarship. Students of the program are gifted, motivated and well-educated, but can be stymied by insufficient financial support to complete their degree.

You can significantly change a student’s future career success by giving to the Edgar H. Nugent, Jr. Endowed Scholarship In Support of Mentorship.

Just as mentors open doors of opportunity, your participation in the Edgar H. Nugent, Jr. Endowed Scholarship in Support of Mentorship CaneFunder campaign will also create opportunities that are vital to the growth and success of our students.

The Edgar H. Nugent, Jr. Endowed Scholarship In Support of Mentorship Campaign has now begun!

Thank you to all of our wonderful donors!

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